Writer’s Guidelines

Christian Academia Magazine publishes web-based articles three to four times a year. It’s an excellent platform to contribute your experience, expertise, or advice with administrative colleagues in Christian higher education.

Please review the guidelines and sample articles below before submitting your article. We look forward to reading it.

Who Are Our Authors?

Most of our authors work at Christian colleges, universities, theological schools. and nonprofit organizations that serve Christian colleges.

We also publish vendors who have relevant expertise to offer our readers. If you are a vendor, Click here to learn about our programs and requirements for vendors.

Who Are Our Readers?

 Our readers are the administrators of small Christian colleges. They include

  • Presidents, provosts, deans, board members, and other leaders
  • Business managers
  • Development (fundraising) officers
  • Student recruiters
  • Information technology officers
  • Librarians

The topic and structure of your article should be focused on the needs of the administrators listed above.

What Categories Do We Publish?

We place each article we publish in one or more of the categories listed below. Click on the link to see a full archive of articles posted in that category.

  • Presidents — Articles useful to presidents of Christian colleges
  • Boards — Articles useful to boards, such as board development, as well as articles that can help presidents develop effective boards
  • Assessment — Articles useful for assessing learning outcomes and meeting accreditation requirements regarding assessment
  • Academics — Articles useful to academic deans, other deans, department heads, and faculty
  • Fundraising — Articles on how to raise revenue (including highlighting foundations that often fund Christian colleges); articles useful to directors of development / advancement and to presidents raising money
  • Recruiting — Articles on how to recruit students; articles to directors of enrollment, including articles on student retention
  • The Case for Christian Higher Education — Articles that make the case for choosing to attend or for donating to Christian colleges
  • The Pretentious Circus — Articles that offer a satirical look at secular academia, providing explanations of the weaknesses and dangers of secular higher education
  • Business Management — Articles useful to CFOs, business managers, and business officers
  • Spiritual Life on Campus — Articles on how to develop vibrant spirituality on campus
  • Library Administration — Articles on how to effectively build and maintain an effective library that supports the mission of the college or university
  • FAFSA — Articles on how to start and manage an effective program for distributing Federal Student Financial Aid
  • Last WORD — Bible studies on topics relevant to Christian Higher Education
  • Public Policy — Articles related to social, cultural, and governmental influences on Christian higher education


How Many Words Should You Submit?

We prefer articles that are 500 to 1200 words. However, in each issue, we also publish one or more in-depth articles that are up to 3,000 words. These are especially suited to republishing book excerpts or research summaries as described below.

What Is the Best Way to Organize Your Content?

Because our readers have limited time, they need highly useful information presented in practical formats with useful subheadings and short paragraphs. Our editor can help you achieve the goal we need. To help you generate ideas on topics and structure, here are some title prompts and sample articles that we think are presented well.

“How to …”

How Estate Planning Gifts Keep Christian Universities in Business

How to Cheat an Accrediting Agency

“Seven Steps to …,”

5 Ways to Help Adjunct Faculty Become Valuable Team Members

3 Steps to Stronger Passwords

Resources and Recommendations

Christian Academia Books Recommended by Larry McKinney – Christian Academia Magazine

Biblically-based Counseling Resources: A Fresh Look


We also publish longer articles (1200–3000 words), such as feature articles, series of articles, book excerpts, and research or dissertation summaries. Here are a few examples:

Book Excerpts and Article Series

Solutions to Destructive Leadership Behavior on the Christian College Campus (Part 3): 3 Things Not to Do to Your Adversary

How to Develop Useful Alumni Associations at Christian Colleges (Part 1): Steps and Resources for Hosting a Successful Class Reunion

Feature Articles

3 Action Steps to Equip College Millennials with a Biblical Worldview, Since 98% Don’t Have One

Importance of Religious Liberty Protections for Christian Educational Institutions

Summaries of Research and Dissertations

Should Christian Colleges Be Publicly Accountable for Spiritual Outcomes?: A Report on Responses from College Personnel

Test-Optional Movement: Should We Require SAT or ACT or Neither

Key Factors Correlated with Fundraising Success


Your Rights

We do not require nor grant exclusive rights to your content. Therefore, you may send us an article that has been previously published, as long as the previous publisher does not have exclusive rights to the submission. After we have published your article, you may choose to submit it to other venues or use it as part of a longer work. Correspondingly, we reserve the right to make further use of your article in part or in whole (e.g., record it on a podcast, use it in a social media post, add it to another blog, include it in a book of edited articles, etc.).  If we do reuse your material, we will always credit you as the author. By submitting an article to us, you are agreeing to these terms.


You are welcome to submit any images that you hold the rights or license to. However, it is not required as we will choose from our selection of stock images to place with your article as needed.

Article Editing

Our content editor will make minor changes for grammar, style, and sometimes refining of content if needed, with your input. We will also optimize your article and the title by including keywords that will help others looking for your content find your article.

After we generate our editing suggestions, we will send the article back to you for feedback and approval. The goal of our content editor is for your article to be read, and even forwarded, as much as possible.

Next Deadline

Please submit your article by April 15, 2024.

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