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Since 1999, we have specialized in helping Christian schools achieve accreditation with agencies approved by the US Department of Education and CHEA.

How to Turn Alumni Into Your School’s Best Friends
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Why a Christian College is Worth Your Donation
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Education and Spirituality: A Rocky Relationship PDF 177 kb 
Consider how to use spiritual methods for our spiritual goals. Occasionally we meet people from theological schools or Christian liberal arts colleges who are reluctant to pursue accreditation. They are afraid that accreditation drives schools toward feeble spirituality, liberal theology & an irrelevant, ivory-tower mentality that does not impart to its students the ability to minister effectively. The secularizing impact of Western worldviews has influenced how we traditionally train students even in Christian institutions. The recognition that we must better integrate spirituality with training is causing some to innovate.

Who Tempts College Administrators with Fake Accreditation PDF 115kb 
There are options that are cheap, easy, and dangerous. If you have fallen prey to such a trap, read this and then call us for assistance in building a better future.

Funding Options   PDF 150kb 
Your school’s financial stability depends on cultivating multiple streams of income. Start by building a large base of small, but regular donors. Next, identify potential major donors. Develop programs for cultivating larger gifts from people you identify as having the passion for what you do and the means to generously support a shared passion.

More Effective Missionary Training   PDF 175kb 
As I reflected on my church-planting experience, I realized that my theological education lacked many crucial learning objectives, and that the focus of the curriculum was in wrong places. Furthermore, an uncritical adoption of traditional academic models means that theological education tends to lack effective methods for achieving the most important types of learning objectives.

Possibilities of Packing Prayer into Curriculum Plans   PDF 85kb 
This article was first published in May 2000 issue of Training for Cross-Cultural Ministries. It is a good example of how we can modify the traditional academic model of training to better use spiritual resources in reaching our spiritual goals.

But I don’t believe you! — How a Jew Introduced Himself to Jesus  PDF 103kb 
This article was first published in the 1993 edition of the Bethesda Christian University Journal. It is my personal testimony.