The Authentically Christian College


by David Agron, PhD.

Strategies for Facilitating Spiritual Formation on Campus.
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As colleges, we need to incorporate standard academic practices to achieve scholastic goals, but is that enough? A slavish imitation of standard academic models leaves Jesus out of the classroom. Even classes on spiritual topics can be taught as an academic subject more than an opportunity to help students become authentically Christian in their own spiritual growth, their worldview, and their leadership skills.

Is that what students expect of us? What can we offer beyond chapel services, in-class devotionals, and occasional courses in spiritual formation to achieve our spiritual goals?

This academic field guide will help your school and students become authentically Christian by outlining practical, effective, low-budget strategies in three areas that are unique to Christian academia:

1. Integrating faith and learning
2. Developing spiritual leadership and stewardship within vibrant campus communities
3. Implementing curriculum that facilitates

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