Marketing Partners Program

Marketing Partners Program

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“I helped attendees develop useful communication tools for small and large colleges.”


Key Strategies

“I shared key strategies for developing alumni association that benefit alumni and schools for years to come.”


Title IV funding

“I helped schools learn how to apply and begin offering students Title IV funding.”


Does your Company want Access to Decision Makers at Christian Colleges?

We work directly with administrators of Christian colleges by providing:

Monthly workshops

A quarterly online magazine,

We have some unique opportunities to place you before colleges. These opportunities cost you nothing until the colleges make purchases. In fact, WE PAY YOU to speak to the administrators.

Workshops Speakers

Speaking at our Workshops

We pay the presenter for the workshop and we try to sell the attendees a package of four more consultations from the presenter. The presenter gets paid for these additional consultations as well. Of course, the workshops cannot just be infomercials, but they will lead to sales of additional products and services. In that case, we would ask for a 15% remuneration for bringing you the client.

Free Consultation

Offering a Free Consultation

We offer free consultations by partnering companies. We do not pay the partnering company for giving the free consultation, but similar to the strategy with the workshops, we try to sell packages of four paid consultations. Again, we pay the presenter for the additional consultations and we ask for a 15% remuneration for the additional products and services you sell the schools that we bring to you.

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