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“Thank God that so many of the kids are drunk for four years!” Why? According to Conservative Commentator Dennis Prager, it is better for students to waste their time being wasted than to learn all that their left-wing professors are trying to promote. This, of course, refers to secular academia.

After pouring so much into their children, parents cough up thousands upon thousands of dollars to subject their kids to radical professors. The news is replete with stories of professors who are intent on destroying the values that parents so carefully instilled. No wonder statistics show that over half the students in your church’s youth group are likely to abandon their faith in college.

Christian academia offers a better alternative.

We support that alternative.

Thank God that so many Christian institutions of higher learning instill better values. We serve those schools.

One of our proudest offerings is the Christian Academia Magazine. Providing material designed to enhance the professionalism of people who work in these schools, Christian Academia Magazine offers “how-to” articles with practical ideas for administrators and staff. Another helpful item is the Directory of Resources for Christian Academia with lists of organizations and companies who understand and service the needs our universities. Our consulting services (through Agron & Associates, Inc.), online store, and other offerings help fulfill a mission of raising up Christian colleges in quality, quantity and reputation.

What’s being said …

"Agron & Associate's extensive knowledge of higher education, including your knowledge of distance education and the WASC process for substantive changes, were key ingredients in our division's development of a strategic plan. Your team went above and beyond all expectations in delivering a plan and presentation of extraordinary quality, despite an aggressive schedule and high expectations. Our executive leadership team was favorably impressed with your collective professionalism."
Kathaleen Reid-Martinez
Former Vice-President of Non-Traditional and Experiential Learning / Azusa Pacific University
"This group is well known for their results and for exceeding expectations. When I served as the director of the Commission on Accreditation, I saw how they regularly impacted colleges. I don't know how some of those colleges would have achieved accreditation without this help. Even stronger colleges benefited."
David M. Phillips, D.Min.
Dean, College of Extended Learning / Point Loma Nazarene University
"I can sum up working with Agron & Associates in three simple word: integrity, insight and impact."
Delbert Scott
"Over the years, it has been great to receive from David a steady stream of good leads for Weber & Associates, Inc."
Dr. Harry V. Weber
"Having observed the quality of the work coming from the people involved in this project, I am sure that Christian Academia Magazine will be an important contribution to our colleges."
Randall Bell, Ed.D.
"Working with Dr. Agron has been incredible. I love his ideas and he is always reachable when I need him. I will read everything he puts in that magazine."
Bruce Cannon
"I wanted to quickly bring you up to speed. We have submitted our application and the GNPEC representative said it was the best or at least one of the best packets he has ever received. All thanks to your guidance."
Gregg Miles
Academic Dean / Heritage College of Georgia