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Christian Academia Magazine is offered free to administrators in over 2,400 colleges, universities, graduate schools and seminaries providing a great opportunity for market penetration. Readers tend to save relevant articles and share with colleagues; they are the people who control budgets (e.g., college administrators).

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Publishes quarterly.


(Roughly 6.5″ x .83″ @ 72 dpi – send as .jpg file)

Exclusive positioning at the top of all pages.

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(Roughly 4.1″ x .69″ @ 72 dpi – send as .jpg file)

Sidebar positioning next to specified article.

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(Roughly 4.1″ x 3.5″ @ 72 dpi – send as .jpg file)

$224.00$349.00Select options

Sidebar positioning next to specified article.


(Roughly 4.1″ x 8.3″ @ 72 dpi – send as .jpg file)

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Sidebar positioning next to specified article.

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